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The Climate of Today's Coffee

The Climate of Today's Coffee

        Rising out of the “Davy Jones” ghost fog that was 2020, we can hardly say 2021 was a return to form. It’s quite a shock, the reality of our ecosystem. The amount of businesses - big and small - across the world, reliant on supply chains that crumbled in the face of this sci-fi scenario pandemic. In the coffee world alone, heavy price volatility is a constant, as our precious commodity reaches 10-year highs. The coffee market as a whole swung from a surplus to a deficit of 5.2 million, according to Rabobank analysis. 

        Providers and manufacturers throughout the global coffee nexus - from the farmers that supply our brokers, to multinational trading companies - were forced to navigate their way through the unyielding confusion with a substantial lack of staff, due to that goliath, mutating virus we’ve been hearing so much about. Additionally, the familiar theme of severe weather conflicting with a myriad of delivery networks is cause enough.

        These recent logistical hurdles are also compounded by acts of nature. For example, July 01, 2021 saw an unusual cold snap, with temperatures dropping to freezing levels in a matter of minutes, dealing a haymaker to the heart of Brazil's coffee belt. Farmers reported over a 10% loss, driving up cost and leaving cultivators at a loss for next year's crop. In fact, 2021 saw agricultural products across the western hemisphere had been beset by unusually bad weather be it floods or extreme drought. 

        Rolling into 2022, the supply-chain is still a wreck. Suppliers around the globe are slowly, but surely restructuring. If anything, people are well-conditioned in comparison to the start of the pandemic. Companies today have contingency plans, while admitting that the system is still pretty dang broken. We evolve, reroute and continue to keep our heads up!

        All things considered, Youngstown Coffee Co. has a positive vibe for the coming year. I’m personally excited to reveal new roast profiles, innovative new flavors and packaging. Although the removal of select Single-Origins in 2021 was unavoidable, a multitude of coffee brokerages are hungry for business. We’re currently in talks with a coffee broker out of New York, who boasts a wide variety of coffee selections that would replenish our not-so-forgotten staples and gives us the opportunity to acquire new beans to our growing profile. 

        As a return to form, Timothy, Luther, Garrett, Tony, Kaltin, and myself will be doing our utmost to post regularly, right here on the Coffee Blog, recording our adventure along the way. In conclusion, despite the last 2 years and all of its setbacks, Youngstown Coffee Co. continues to grow! We’re here to provide you with great craft coffee at the best prices. Ultimately, we’re following our passion to explore each new coffee flavor, roast, single-origin and blend. 

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started.

Shayne Albani


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